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Maca is a plant native to South America, also known as Peruvian gingseng. We are proud to present our new Macatonic Maca Root. Our new Maca supplement is produced from the root of Maca cultivated in the Junin plateau, in the central highlands of Peru, at over 4,500 meters. Maca has been cultivated here for two thousand years! Maca may help to increase energy levels, supporting mental and physical performance levels. It helps maintain optimal stamina, feelings and vitality. This supplement is ideal for those looking for a natural boost.


When you buy Maca Root Macatonic from Rite-Flex, you know that you are buying a product for the benefit of the local community where Maca root is grown. This is because Naturex works directly with the farmers in the village of Ninacaca, buying Maca directly from them without intermediaries.